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Chef/Owner of mŏkbar/Ms.Yoo

Esther started working in kitchens when she was 14 but her formal training started at NYC's Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). From there, she worked at NYC's La Esquina and Food Network. She opened mŏkbar Chelsea Market in 2014 and has been a rising star ever since; expanding mŏkbar into a Brooklyn location and opening Ms. Yoo, a New Korean-American supper club.




Giullian has been entertaining for years as an actor and musician. You can catch him on Netflix’s Emmy nominated Julie’s Greenroom, Scream: The TV Series, and the yet-to-be-released Season 2 of Iron Fist. He’s also a big foodie. As a vegetarian, Esther’s vegan dumplings were the perfect match-up.

Thumbnail: EP2. Family
EP2. Family

From picky eaters to kitchen memories, Wilson Tang talks family. While making Stir-Fry Udon with Lap cheong (chinese sausage), the Yum Chat team will open up about life at home and growing up.

Thumbnail: EP3. Traditions
EP3. Traditions

Traditional shumai takes a modern twist as Chef Bao Bao folds chicken and shrimp K̄hnm cīb (ขนมจีบ) with the Yum Chat team.

Thumbnail: EP4. Quality
EP4. Quality

Chef Hooni Kim pan-fries some Hong Kong-style noodles and veggies while expressing his love for local and organic cooking.

Thumbnail: EP5. Time
EP5. Time

Chef Lien Lin arranges a sweet and savory dessert of chocolate and blue cheese, while sharing time-saving tips with the Yum Chat team.


What is Yum Chat

Yum Chat is a 5 part documentary series streaming exclusively on Twin Marquis’ Facebook and YouTube channels. 5 New York City Asian American chefs come together over one dish. They trade kitchen secrets, tell their stories, teach each other, and eat good food. They’ll share recipes like restaurant-worthy pan fried dumplings and homemade noodle dishes for the kids. Share the tables of Esther Choi of mŏkbar, Wilson Tang of Nom Wah, Bao Bao of Baoburg, Hooni Kim of Hanjan, and Lien Lin of Bricolage as they explore Asian cooking Yum Chat style.

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